Wandering Tableau: Sunset Scheme


If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I always love taking sunset shots. You may think that this one would just be like the one I previously posted, showcasing the beautiful sunset of Bantayan Island. This wandering tableau installment will showcase the collection of snapshots, that give us a glimpse of how sunsets looked like in different parts of the country.

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Wandering Tableau: Keepsakes


When travelling, we always look for the experience and the adventure, right? Although before we head back we think of the people we look forward to seeing again, and look for keepsakes that we can bring home. For me it’s like sharing a piece of the place. Some travelers also wanted to buy one for themselves and keep something to remember.

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Time travelling in Dapitan city


When you get to see a certain thing everyday, it tends to get ordinary. This was the same feeling I got with my hometown until such time that I can only visit at least once a year. Visiting Dapitan is not just remembering my childhood, it’s also like moving back to time because of its rich history and you can still see traces of the previous century on every corner of the city.  Read More »