Larena Triad Coffee Shop


Coffee Shops are not rampant in the small, peaceful island of Siquijor, however, there’s this one in Larena, Siquijor is not just any other ordinary coffee shops. This one is located on top of the hill, overlooking the whole island! Instead of a relaxing music playing while you enjoy your food, you’ll be left with a very peaceful ambiance. One our way back to Cebu, we squeezed this one out on our schedule and had a quick stop to check the place out. By looking at the view, I guess we made a perfect decision!

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Wandering Tableau: A Close Encounter


Aside from the love of travel, My partner and I also love taking pictures out of anything that catches our eye. Snaps that I have been collecting while wandering around the places we’ve been to. I am now looking at my drive and realize that I am keeping photos that may have their own story to tell.

This is the main reason why wandering tableau came to life. Tableau in a sense that I’ll be posting images that represents something. This will be a weekly series about some snapshots that have their own story to tell, individual impressions to contemplate, and something that we may deliberate about. Read More »

Dalaguete Beach Park


One of the many reasons why I love Cebu is you can always squeeze a weekend beach break, that we all need to have, once in a while. It’s easy to get a quick bus ride down South of Cebu, Phiippines and choose a pit stop to several beach locations that you may prefer.

Anyone who’s looking for an affordable beach in Dalaguete, Dalaguete Beach Park is a must-go for backpackers and easy travel goers. It’s very feasible for a side trip location. We visited this affordable paradise on our way home from our Osmeńa Peak trek.  Read More »

Lovey Doggy: the first dog cafe in Cebu



To all the dog lovers in Cebu, the long wait is over! Lovey Doggy dog cafe is now open at GQS Plaza, Banilad, Cebu city. The cafe was totally a stress reliever. It was a spacious 2-story cafe with super chill ambiance. The cafe is really easy to spot. GQS Plaza is right across Gaisano Country mall. Right beside University of Cebu, Banilad Campus. Read More »

Siquijor: a tourist trap


The mystical Siquijor Island has always been on the list for travel bugs. It’s affordable, accessible, and you can buy love potions (joke!). The island has always been known for many as a place you don’t want to mess with, given that Read More »